The Digital Sound Processor made by rainbow.

For the best listening experience in your car.




Pure sound.

Balanced and lossless like never before

Lossless audio streaming via WiFi right from your iOS or Android device, or via USB port for Windows devices.

Up in the cloud.

Save your favorite DSP configuration and download them with any cloud provider.  Access the DSP configuration worldwide over the internet.


Millions of possibilities.

30 band parametric equalizer with freely selectable center frequencies and filter performance.


The DSP app. For iOS and Android. For smartphone, PC and tablet.

And for the best sound.


Feature Overview


Lossless Audio Streaming via WiFi

for iOS and Android devices or via USB port for Windows devices.


Real-time DSP Configuration via WiFi or via USB port with any Windows system.


Analog Devices 56 Bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP)


Burr Brown High-End Audio

AD/DA Converter


6 PreAmp inputs


6 High Level inputs


1 Stereo Aux input (3.5mm jack)


1 Telephone / Navigation input with auto-sense function


1 Mini USB input


SPDIF input / output (optical,

pass through possible)


8 PreAmp outputs


Supports Start/Stop vehicles

Large overview page for quick

check of all actual settings.


Possibility to save and re-load the

DSP configuration at a cloud provider.


30 band parametric equalizer


High- / Low- / Band-pass with slopes up to 30 dB / octave


Butterworth / Bessel / Tschebychev filter


Time alignment with up to

4,82 meter (14,6 ms) can be

adjusted in 7 mm (0,02 ms) increments.


Dealer in

your area





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